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topics of conversation

"I don't think I'm going to do the hair post I've been talking about doing."
"Why not?"
"I think it's kinda stupid; I mean, what am I gonna do? Say, 'Do you like the way I looked then or now?'"
"You look like you're going to a funeral, all the time."

"You know, I read your LiveJournal from time to time, and I see the things you say about me."
"I haven't written anything bad in a while, have I?"
"No, not bad, but you do bitch about me sometimes."
"I'm not bitching about you, I'm immortalizing you."

I'm always so much more witty after the fact.

"I'm mad at Phil Woods."
"Phil Woods."
"The Saxophonist?"
"Yeah, fuck that guy."

"I feel like my existence is completely aimless now that I've completed all the secret levels on Yoshi's Island."
"Don't talk like that, it brings me down."
"I'm just kidding, you know. I downloaded Doom, everything's fine."

"Yeah, you know, they recorded this album in a bunker."
"I don't know, because they're bad ass, I guess."
"Deep Listening Band recorded their first album in a cave."
"Who cares?"

"Now that I listen to better music than I used to, I like music a whole lot less than I used to."
"What are you talking about?"
"Same goes with movies. But for some reason, not TV. I like TV a lot more now than I used to, when I watched whatever my parents did."
"That makes sense, I guess."
"Yeah, since I didn't have a very high opinion of TV to start with."

"I wish I could write John Donne poems for my girlfriend."
"From now on, that's what we'll call them, man. John Donne poems."
"She killed the flea? Oh, a compass - that's a good metaphor."
"haha, dude, it's fucking brilliant."
"I know, right?"

"I didn't ask for this."
"No one does."
"I don't deserve this."
"No one does."
"How did it happen?"
"She put peas in your pudding, and you ate it anyway."
"But I had to, I was starving, I could feel life slipping, rushing out of me with each passing moment."

What's crazier, talking to yourself, or pretending that you're talking to yourself?

"Do you think he read this?"
"I don't know if they every had any contact with each other at all."
"Man, the further I get, the more morbid it gets."
"Fucking tragic."

"I just finished The Republic."
"What'd you think?"
"Not the easiest read, but a fruitful one."
"I agree somewhat. I like Plato's thoughts on love a lot more than I like my own."
"Wow, that's particularly self-depricating, even for you."
"If you say so."

"Mama, what happens when love goes away?"
"It comes back, son, after a while. At least, I hope it does."

"Are you going to finish that?"
"Yeah, why?"
"I'm fucking dying of thirst."
"But I paid for it."
"Fair enough."
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