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Cow Eata and Sir Vannah

Today I:

-Woke up at 5 AM (sucked)

-Waited on/hopped a ride on MARTA at 6:45 (blew)

-Attended GSU's orientation (boring as hell)

-Got my schedule set for next semester. I have no class before 11 AM and nothing on Fridays, and all my classes are easy (v. good)

-Hung out with old_danube and his crew and got tipsy, not drunk (fun, good people)

-Offered to buy old_danube and his friend pizza at CiCi's, only to find out my debit card is a piece of shit at the ATM in CiCi's (note to self: You owe Matt $20 for being awesome and picking that up. Also, you still have his bottle opener and he'd probably appreciate it if you returned it)

-Was reminded by the pizza that I had got out of bed at 5 in the morning, and became exhausted, prompting my return to Newnan (zzzzz)

-Proved everyone who thought I couldn't go a day without getting on the computer wrong (yes)

Tomorrow I plan to:

-Sleep in (always rewarding)

-Study for finals (seems like a good idea)

-Watch The Sopranos (you know how I do)

-Reply to any and all comments you lovely people leave on this entry, which I hope will be many, as I will be looking for brief distractions from studying

Warning: Over the next month or so, I will probably be posting more often and more regularly (probably 2-4 times a week). Just a heads up.
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